Walgenmeyer’s Carpet & Tile Pre-installation Guide for HARDWOOD/CORK/LAMINATE

Hardwood floors provide a warm and inviting touch to any home. Real wood, solid or engineered have a variety of textures, grains, tones
and colors that are part of the natural beauty of the product. When installing custom-fitted flooring, there is an unavoidable waste of
materials. Please be aware of the following that may exist before and after installation of your all natural/floating floor.

__PREPARATION.. Please remove all personal items, clothing, toys, small furniture, breakables, remove china from hutch, empty bottoms
of closets, remove linens from beds, remove drawers from dressers, disconnect and remove any electronics, computers, TV’s. It is
important to have this completed before the installer arrives at your home. Walgenmeyer’s does not move delicate items such as
grandfather clocks, pianos, large entertainment units and pool tables. Please make arrangements in advance to have these items moved, or
we can provide this service at an additional charge.

The temperature must remain at a minimum of 65 degrees. In case of inclement weather, please prepare an area for the installers to cut
material in a garage, basement or house. If your floor squeaks, please mark the area. Installer has the option of using plywood subfloor or
leveling compound.

__DUST..Dust will be generated from ripping up and removing existing floor coverings, cutting and installing the material. Out installers will
do everything possible to minimize dust: however, it is not possible to eliminate it. Walgenmeyer’s does not pay or reimburse for cleaning
up dust.

__SEASONAL GAPPING.. You may notice gaps that appear and disappear in your floor as the seasons change. This is more noticeable in
homes with gas/propane heating. This is a normal condition and cannot be prevented.

__CHECKING..You may notice right after installation or several months later some wood boards show minor cracks (checking) in the finish
mostly near the ends of the boards. As the seasons change your wood floor may check. This is a common occurrence and not a defect.

__CUPPING.. Cupping is caused by changes in moisture in or around the home which in turn affects the wood. Homes that are not occupied
year round are especially susceptible to cupping. Cupping is strictly a site issue and is not covered by any warranty by Walgenmeyers’ or the
manufacturer provides.

__TEMPERATURE/MOISTURE/HUMIDITY..Wood is a cellular product. It will retain and give off moisture. Temperature, moisture and
humidity all affect wood. Ideally your home should always be between 65 and 75 degrees and 35% to 55% humidity. Changes in moisture
around your home will affect your wood floors. Crawl spaces, landscaping, clogged gutters, sprinklers, etc…can all raise moisture levels in
and around your home thus affecting the wood. Everything listed above is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.

__SCRATCHING AND DENTS..All wood regardless of type, species, finish, etc…will show scratches and dents. It is impossible to prevent
them. Putting walking mats by doors, keeping your floor swept, using the manufacturers recommended cleaners and putting felt protection
on chairs and furniture will all help REDUCE the amount of scratches and dents you will see.

__GRADE/VARIATION/BOARD LENGTHS..Some species of wood by nature will show lots of color and shade variations. Please remember
wood is a natural product and cannot be “picked” through. Some wood will come in mostly short, long or uniform lengths. Once again this
is driven by the species and grade of the product. If there are any questions regarding your selection please review with your
salesperson/estimator before purchasing.

__ACCLIMATION..If you are purchasing a solid wood floor we must make arrangements to deliver your wood at least 48 hours prior to your
installation. The wood must be brought into the home and placed in the areas(s) where it will be installed.

__MOLDINGS/TRIM..Moldings and trim are made to coordinate with our wood not to match it. Generally it is made in a separate factory
and due to the variations that are inherent with natural wood there may be some noticeable differences.

__WALLS/BASEBOARDS/ACCESS..Our installers will use caution while in your home to prevent marking baseboards and walls however
some minor scratching and marking can occur during removal of your old flooring and installation of your wood. Ceiling nail pops can occur
while removing your old flooring and installing your wood. Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible nor do we reimburse for minor scratches,
marks and nail pops in ceilings.

__PLUMBING..Customer must arrange to have your toilets pulled and reset, disconnect gas and water lines. Walgenmeyer’s works directly
with a plumber who will provide services and can set that up for a fee on your invoice. Our installers are not licensed nor insure to provide
these services. Extra parts and services will incur additional charges.

__REMOVING DOORS..We will remove doors and re-hang them as needed however if they need to be cut the installer will leave them off
so you can arrange to have them cut or we can provide this service at an additional charge.

__SUB-FLOOR SQUEAKING..After your floor is installed you may notice some squeaking. In most cases your base sub floor is causing the
noise. It is not possible to predict or stop squeaks. The installer will check your existing sub floor for loose panels and secure them, however
your floor may go through an entire heating/cooling cycle before squeaks develop. Squeaks are not covered by Walgenmeyer’s or the

__EXTRA MATERIAL..A waste factor ranging from 2 to 15% is typically used when calculating waste for the job. Species, width, direction,
layout and grading of the wood can all affect your job and the amount of left over material. We will leave the left over material with you.
Please keep the material in a flat, dry area for any future repairs. Left over material is not returnable.

__ELECTRICAL/ALARM WIRES AND PIPES..Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible for cut, pierced, or broken electrical/alarm wires or pipes that
are improperly placed/ran in walls, along baseboards, under floors and not in accordance with your local building code.

__COLOR CHANGES..Natural materials may experience color changes due to sunlight, lighting or from being covered with an area rug.



__WARRANTIES..Vary according to manufacturer and materials selected.


I understand that I must be present when the installers arrive to review the job, confirm style, color, seam placement, and pay my COD.
Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible for any claims due to color, style and seam placement once the carpet is installed. Please understand an
extra service charge may apply for any extra work incurred due to unforeseen problems with your sub-floor or lack of proper preparation
leading to extra time spent on your job by the installers.
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