Walgenmeyer’s Pre-Installation guide for: CERAMIC & NATURAL STONE

Most ceramic and stone products are easy to care for and maintain. However, maintenance is product specific. It is very important to review what is required to maintain, clean and seal your selection with your salesperson to ensure it will continue to look good for years. When installing custom-fitted flooring, there is an unavoidable waste of about 5% of materials. Please be aware of the following that may exist before and after installation.

__PREPARATION..Please remove all personal items, small furniture, breakables, remove china from hutch, empty bottoms of closets, disconnect water and gas lines from appliances, remove toilets. It is important to have this completed before the installer arrives at your home. Walgenmeyer’s does not cut doors, move pianos, or disconnect electronic equipment, i.e. computers, security or stereo equipment.  Please make arrangements in advance to have these items moved, or we can provide this service at an additional charge.

The temperature must remain 50-75 degrees for 48 hours before and after installation. In case of inclement weather, please prepare an area for the installer to cut material in a garage, basement or house. Installer has option of using plywood subfloor or leveling compound.

__DUST..Dust will be generated from ripping up and removing existing floor coverings, cutting and installing the material. Our installers will do everything possible to minimize dust: however, it is not possible to eliminate it. Walgenmeyer’s does not pay or reimburse for cleaning up dust.

__GROUT HAZE..After your tile/stone is installed you may notice haze from the grout. This is normal and can be buffed off after 24 hours. A lightly dampened sponge should remove the haze. Do not use household cleaners, ammonia, vinegar, etc on your tile/stone as it may permanently damage the finish. Please consult with your salesperson on cleaning and maintenance products.

__GROUT SEALING..It is strongly recommended that you seal your grout. You should wait at least 72 hour before applying any sealers. Be aware that sealer may darken your grout slightly. Test in a small inconspicuous area first. If you purchased epoxy grout, sealing is not needed. Epoxy grout must cure for 12 days before getting wet. Walgenmeyer’s can give you an option of Power Grout which does not need to be sealed, for an additional cost.

__POLISHES/SEALERS..Some natural stone products must be sealed. There are different sealers and polishes available. Sealing provides stain resistance, but they are not stain proof. Always test in an inconspicuous are first because certain sealers and polished will darken natural stone. Please consult with your salesperson on these items.

__SHADING…All tile and stone will vary in color and shading. Every time a tile is fired, its shading will vary depending on the color, style, body and texture.  Some tiles are sold as “highly shaded” and are marked as such in our showroom. Natural products such as marble, granite and stone are guaranteed to show variations. Make sure you review your selection with your salesperson if variation is a concern.

__SCRATCHING..Some tile and all natural stone will scratch under the right conditions. The higher the shine the more visible the scratches will be. Proper maintenance will help to reduce scratching. Putting protectors on chairs and furniture, keeping floors swept and free of dirt and sand will help reduce scratching as well.

__TRIMS/DECOS/LISTELLOS/HANDPAINTED TILES..These products are designed to coordinate, not match your tile. They are made at different times and generally in different factories.

__WALLS/BASEBOARDS/CEILING NAIL POPS..Our installers will use caution while in your home to prevent marking baseboards and walls, however some minor scratching and marking can occur during removal and installation of your tile. Ceiling nail pops can occur while removing your existing flooring or installing your tile. Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible nor do we reimburse for minor scratches, marks and nail pops in ceilings.

 __PLUMBING..You must arrange to have your toilets pulled and reset, disconnect gas and water lines. Walgenmeyer’s works directly with a plumber who will provide services and can set that up for a fee on your invoice. Our installers are not licensed nor insured to provide these services. Extra parts and services will incur additional charges.

__LAYOUT AND DESIGN..While our estimator is in your home, he/she will determine what is needed to properly prepare your sub-floor for installing your ceramic floor. There are times unforeseen issues will arise upon removing your existing floor. Items such as old adhesives, loose sub-floor, rot, insect damage or mold must be addressed before installing your new vinyl floor. If we can repair the floor an extra charge will apply. In some cases, repairs must be performed by another contractor at which point your floor will not be installed until the damage is repaired. Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible for unforeseen issues.
__REMOVING DOORS..We will remove doors and re-hang them as needed, however if they need to be cut the installer will leave them off so you can arrange to have them cut or we can provide this service at an additional charge.

__SUB-FLOOR SQUEAKING..After your floor is installed you may notice some squeaking. In most cases your base sub floor is causing the noise. It is not possible to predict or stop squeaks. The installer will check your existing sub floor for loose panels and secure them, however your floor may go through an entire heating/cooling cycle before squeaks develop. Squeaks are not covered by Walgenmeyer’s or the manufacturer.

__ELECTRICAL/ALARM WIRES AND PIPES..Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible for cut, pierced, or broken electrical/alarm wires or pipes that are improperly placed/ran in walls, along baseboards, under floors and not in accordance with your local building code.



__WARRANTIES..Vary according to manufacturer and materials selected..

I understand that I must be present when the installers arrive to review the job, confirm style, color, seam placement, and pay my COD. Walgenmeyer’s is not responsible for any claims due to color or style once the floor is installed. Please understand an extra service charge may apply for any extra work incurred due to unforeseen problems with your sub-floor or lack of proper preparation leading to extra time spent on your job by the installers.
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