Tips for choosing a carpet flooring color

Tips for choosing a carpet flooring color

Choosing the right one can be challenging, with many beautiful colors, patterns, and designs. And it would help if you got it right because flooring is a significant investment in your home. You don't want to keep replacing it.

Here are some tips that may help you choose the color for your new carpeting.

The basics

What are your needs? Some colors hide dirt and stains better.

Consider your home’s overall decor

Nothing needs to be an exact match, but you want a cohesive look. Whatever color you choose should harmonize with other colors in the home.

Do it in the proper order

Are you designing an empty room? Always start with the design element that has the most limited color range.

In the living room, that would be the sofa. Unfortunately, there are only four or five colors for each style; you don't want to choose something you don't want.

The floor covering is next; after that is wall paint because that selection is almost unlimited.

Pay attention to the lighting

See if you can get samples to bring home. Look at them at different times of day when the lighting changes.

Colors can look slightly different depending on the light. They can also vary when next to other colors.

Pay attention to undertones

Undertones are the secondary colors that can give an element a particular cast or shade. There are warm and cool undertones.

Don't let the undertones clash; the effect can be jarring. Instead, invest the $25 or so in a color wheel to look at different colors and how they work together.

Now let’s get you into our carpet store

We'll admit at Walgenmeyers Carpet & Tile that we love carpet flooring. It's elegant and comes with countless benefits.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find a suitable soft surface. We carry a large assortment of designs and styles from Mohawk, Stanton, and more. Visit our showrooms in Stoughton, & Madison, WI, especially if you live or work in those areas or Dane County.
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