Consider carpet and its many benefits

When you need the perfect floor covering for your home, it could be just as close as carpet. There are extensive options in this flooring line that will provide you with all the benefits you need while meeting your requirements as well. For instance, as the only soft surface flooring, it provides extensive softness for unrivaled comfort. Perfect for homes with children, you'll find it stands up to pets and guests as well, for a floor covering that gives you plenty of years of satisfaction.

Carpet, just for you and your home

The great thing about carpet is that you can customize your flooring your way. This line offers vast color options, as well as patterns and design varieties that make matching an interior design scheme easy.

These products have plenty of benefits. Choosing the perfect fiber for your respective needs is a great way to get just the benefits you need for your home. Nylon and polyester are great examples of durable fibers that hold up well under traffic and pressure. Wool, on the other hand, is perfect for low traffic areas where color and stunning appearances are necessary.

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Benefits of carpet

Additional benefits you’ll find in your brand-new carpet include excellent heat retention, amazing noise reduction, and even relief for allergy sufferers in the home, thanks to hypoallergenic fibers. Be sure to ask about built-in stain protection, which creates a floor covering that is excellent for high-traffic areas. There’s simply no need to settle for less when everything you need could be found in this line of carpet flooring.

We must advise a professional installation with this material, as DIY installation can cause many future problems, including a voided warranty. Professionals have all the necessary tools and experience needed to turn your home into a masterpiece. Additionally, it’s complete peace of mind for your flooring future.

Let us help meet your carpet needs

At Walgenmeyer's Carpet & Tile, we’ve been a carpet flooring retailer serving the communities of Dane County, Madison, WI, and surrounding areas, for more than 28 years. Our customers have come to appreciate our product quality, as well as our dedication to customer satisfaction.

When you visit us at our showroom in Madison, WI, you’ll find our associates are standing by to assist you with all your flooring needs. No matter how large or small your flooring project is, you will be glad you chose to visit us.