Unlocking the secrets to perfect hardwood floors

There's no reason to think that the perfect hardwood flooring is out of your reach. This material could be perfect for your home, your budget, and your needs. Finding out all the most important facts about the material is a great way to learn more.

You’ll love the lifespan of this material, which can surpass 100 years with proper care and maintenance. A lifespan like this means you'll save money over time, even if you spent more on the initial cost. But there’s so much more you’ll want to find out about this product.

Making hardwood decisions easy

Some homeowners feel a little overwhelmed when it comes time to pick hardwood flooring, especially with its many options. You’ll start by choosing a species that will best suit your needs. The more traffic your home has, the harder your wood species should be, so this is a great place to start.

From there, you can then choose an excellent stain color. Site finished materials will offer a larger selection of colors when compared to prefinished materials. However, prefinished options offer a much faster install. By now, you’re ready to pick the best sealant for your needs as well. With many to choose from, your associate can share all the details.

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Find your style with hardwood finishes

Many finishes are available for this floor covering, including classic shine, wire-brushed, or vintage. Some finishes can even help guard against damage by hiding signs of everyday wear like scuffs and scratches.

Once wear and tear start to show, after a few decades, you’ll be ready to consider your first refinishing project. This process strips away all that wear, leaving you with a brand-new layer of wood that can then be retained, resealed and refinished. Even engineered flooring can be refinished. The number of times this can be done will depend on the thickness of the actual wood veneer.

Our associates will help you find the perfect hardwood

When you’re ready to purchase your new flooring, our associates are standing by at our Madison, WI showroom to help you do just that. We’ll match you with a material that perfectly matches your requirements, so you’ll never leave less than satisfied.

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